People’s Park Shanghai | A Visit to the Matchmaking Market

People’s Park Shanghai | A Visit to the Matchmaking Market

China’s older unmarried women – disparagingly called “leftover” at age 27 – get a lot of attention, but there are far more older single men. If they have money, they’re “golden bachelors. Many are eager to marry and start a family, but can’t afford wedlock. Some are waiting for the right woman. The scornful term “leftover” is more often associated with single women age 27 and older – they also come in for names like “moldy tofu” – and it’s worse for women because even “leftover” men want younger women to bear a child. But these unwed men are also called “bare branches,” so far unable to perform the highest filial duty of providing a son and heir. Yes, I’m desperate for a happy marriage and kids of my own, and I’ve got great pressure from parents, but I won’t rush into marriage until I find the right one I truly love and respect,” says the year-old civil servant in Minhang District. That has grave implications for the shrinking labor pool, social services and care for the elderly, growth of a consumer middle class – and the marriage prospects of tens of millions of men who cannot find a wife.

Matchmaking is big business at an outdoor Shanghai dating market

The nearest metro stop is East Nanjing Road. This area is full of people day and night. Outdoor seats are available.

BEIJING Chinese Matchmaking In Beijing President Xi Jinping will host Nor are just around the people’s square marriage dating arrangements in.

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A Surprising Afternoon at the Shanghai Marriage Market

Observers have called it “match. Personal ads dangle from strings, sit atop open umbrellas, or are held aloft by parents standing still as statues. The marriage market runs for five hours each weekend afternoon, rain or shine.

It’s right outside Exit #11 of the People’s Square subway station (via subway Line 1, 2 & 8). The minute we stepped inside the park, we were.

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People’s square shanghai matchmaking

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Matchmaking has a storied history in China, with all marriages at one point a product of arrangement. Nowadays, parents still have the option of seeking out a partner for their child. On a crude sheet of paper, parents write out qualifications for their child, typically highlighting superficial features like salary, height, and asset wealth. These parents are not explicitly looking for a foreign spouse for their child, but many are not closed off to the idea.

A brave and eager foreigner looking for a serious relationship can stroll through the market collecting phone numbers from potential matches, or an even braver individual can market herself.

Shanghai’s match-making corner in People’s Square was already well known and so in September she began a ten month ethnography of the corner.

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People’s Park & Square

Every Saturday the park turns into a hunting ground. Here people are hunting for an exchange of contact details, an appointment, and marriage for their son or daughter. The odd thing about these romantic weekends is that here there are only people aged sixty or over in attendance. Hundreds of fathers, mothers and perhaps some aunts that are holding an A4 document containing the following information:.

Size of house Hobbies.

For instance, most Chinese people take dating much more seriously like the popular People’s Square one that happens every weekend in.

This place came about ten years ago, when a few hobby matchmakers decided to meet, exchange photos, and set up dates for their acquaintances. Ten years later, the Shanghai matchmaking corner has its own name, and it is THE main event at this park on the weekends. During our recent trip to Shanghai, Bill and I decided to pay a visit and see for ourselves. We figured it would be an interesting and unusual story to share with all of you; plus, I had a picture of Sarah and a picture of Kaitlin tucked into my wallet.

Finding the place is easy. The minute we stepped inside the park, we were surrounded by people, signs, and fanned out umbrellas lining the grounds along the pathways. I have to say, it was a little jarring for someone seeing it for the first time. Obviously the situation today is utterly different, but still, it feels a bit odd to see all these parents matchmaking for their children in an almost flea-market-like setup.

But many people enjoy the atmosphere——and the thrill of the hunt——and have been coming for years, greeting each other with a quick nod and a faint smile. Apparently many smaller matchmaking events happen in other parks around Shanghai as well, but Renmin Park is THE destination to see and be seen. Not a bad motivator, I suppose, even if the reasoning is spotty.

After listening to her shoot out words in rapid succession for a good thirty minutes, I got the lowdown from her perspective as an insider. Here is how it breaks down:.

The Shanghai Marriage Market – An engrossing experience!

The moment I moved to Shanghai, I knew I had to visit the Marriage Market myself, and what better way to see the market than with my father, who was visiting for the week. As a lates, American-educated, Chinese-speaking young lady, I was immediately surrounded by huge groups of parents, grandparents, middle-aged men and women, and the occasional late 20s woman. Their excited chatter filled my ears — talk about this or that gentleman who has a house, a car, a high-paying salary.

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What’s it like inside Shanghai’s ‘Marriage Market’?

South park phone destroyer matchmaking Nov 26, exchange photos, century park fills up in people’s park in april, just inside gate at good ‘ol parents and park. The city word to shanghai city on any weekend between 12 pm and lotus pond, tourists. May 3, china and martial arts. For males.

People hoping to find prospective mates for their children look at profile boards of candidates during a matchmaking event at People’s Square.

I ‘ll admit: I went to the marriage market in Shanghai to gawk. My curiosity got the best of me when I heard that there were places all throughout China where parents would gather and put up advertisements for their single children in hopes of pairing them up with a worthy spouse. The market sprung up in Shanghai in as parents noticed that they were all conveniently gathered anyway at People’s Square for dancing and martial arts sessions. Parents started tacking posters of children’s statistics onto cork boards, on umbrellas, on the ground.

Every weekend, hundreds of parents and grandparents gather in one general area off subway exit nine at People’s Square in Shanghai to browse the selection. Many of them will group together to chat; others diligently browse around with a pen and paper in hand. The postings are straightforward: age, height, zodiac, weight, job, accomplishments, where their kid was born.

Birthplace is rather important, as it determines where someone can get health benefits and property rights. Rarely do you see a photo, hobbies, personalities traits, and quirks. Tsai tells me, as I crouch down beside her to chat. Tsai seems to be channeling her anxiety into her knitting, madly spinning out an electric blue scarf as fast as she talks.

Peoples square matchmaking

We were very fortunate to be in Shanghai on a Sunday. Not far away from the metro stop, we started to see walls of the park plastered with white sheets of bond papers. We found out that these white sheets of paper were actually ads plastered by parents looking for their future son or daughter-in-law. I can still vividly remember the worried faces of parents plastering the details of their unmarried child in the walls of the park. Even in this ultra modern Shanghai society, I find it hard to believe that the cultural pressure to get married in early twenties is still pretty dominant.

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A matchmaker in Shanghai, China’s Peoples Square displays available men and women in the marriage market in Shanghai, China.

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