ISIS is even recruiting on dating websites

ISIS is even recruiting on dating websites

Islamic State is known for recruiting people online to execute its nefarious activities and now the terror group has taken to dating websites to lure young women into becoming jihadi brides and joining their fold. According to a report in the UK Mirror, recruiters of the terror group have found dating sites to be ideal hunting ground for convincing young women to marry ISIS terrorists. An intelligence official said that ISIS is not sparing any kind of online platform from spreading its propaganda. The man was feared to be an ISIS fighter and had met the girl online on a dating website that is meant for devout Muslims. During their interaction, he told her to come to Raqqa, which is an Islamic State stronghold. The man even sent her pictures of jewellery that would be gifted to her on the wedding night. We have updated our Privacy and Cookie Policy. If you continue to use our site, you agree to the updated Policies.

Remarks by President Trump on the Death of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. He was stripped of British citizenship by U. Her lawyer declined to comment, but the documents indicate she has denied any involvement in terrorism. She continues to live in Edmonton but two sources said she had remarried and was working to turn her life around. The explosive allegations identify Jama as a returnee — someone who has come back to Canada after having participated in terrorist activities overseas.

The current crises in Syria has led to a number of Britons travelling abroad to These modern day tools are helping Isis spread their propaganda and Indeed, the group has actively been using social media sites such as The video, however has reappeared and was available on YouTube and to date.

John Georgelas was a military brat, a drug enthusiast, a precocious underachiever born in Texas. Now he is a prominent figure within the Islamic State. At dawn on a warm September morning in , a minivan pulled up to a shattered villa in the town of Azaz, Syria. A long-bearded year-old white man emerged from the building, along with his pregnant British wife and their three children, ages 8, 4, and almost 2. They had been in Syria for only about a month this time. The kids were sick and malnourished.

They clambered into the minivan, sitting on sheepskins draped on the floor—there were no seats—and the driver took them two hours east through a ravaged landscape, eventually stopping at a place where the family might slip into Turkey undetected. They disembarked amid a grove of thorny trees. Signs warned of land mines. Tania dragged the puking kids along; Yahya carried a suitcase and a stroller.

Midway, Tania had contractions, although she was still several months from her due date. They continued on.

Why ISIS Is Winning the Social Media War

Before embarking on her journey to Syria, Aqsa Mahmood went to a private high school, studied radiography at university and lived in a wealthy neighborhood Windsor, , p. She was a fan of Harry Potter and Coldplay Windsor, , p. In , she posted a picture of herself standing alongside children while holding the severed head of a Syrian man who supposedly committed a crime Ali, , p. Aqsa Mahmood belongs to a group often referred to as foreign fighters.

Many scholars have become invested into researching what drives these people to join ISIS. One of the main factors contributing to the large group of foreign fighters is said to be online communication Farwell,

Dating site led her to isis. Obama said the. Com, dating lives of isis fighter living in the isis has evolved due to poison girl yusra hussien could defeat isis valverde​.

A September morning in Baghdad. Traffic halted at checkpoints and roadblocks as bureaucrats filed behind blast walls and the temperature climbed to a hundred and fifteen degrees. At the Central Criminal Court, a guard ran his baton along the bars of a small cell holding dozens of terrorism suspects awaiting trial. They were crammed on a wooden bench and on the floor, a sweaty tangle of limbs and dejected expressions. Many were sick or injured—covered in scabies, their joints twisted and their bones cracked.

Iraqi prisons have a uniform code—different colors for pretrial suspects, convicts, and those on death row—but several who had not yet seen a judge or a lawyer were already dressed as if they had been sentenced to death. Most were staring at their phones; others sat in silence, arms crossed, eyes closed. In terrorism cases, lawyers are usually denied access to their clients until the hearing begins.

ISIS, Radicalization and the Gendered Online Jihad

All rights reserved. In this 13th-century B. Archaeologists working in London in might have been surprised. When they discovered a first-century A. But this goddess proved popular enough to transcend her original Egyptian centers of worship and expand to all corners of the known world.

ISIS faces growing challenges in its attempt to create a Islamic This led to rising violence and casualties in and , and a serious shift Unit cohesion dropped steadily, service support became a major and abuses with a tendency to retreat to their stations whenever serious resistance occurred.

The current crises in Syria has led to a number of Britons travelling abroad to fight with groups such as Isis. Capitalising on this growth, Isis are now increasingly fighting an online cyber war, with the use of slick videos, online messages of hate and even an app that all aim to radicalise and create a new generation of cyber jihadists. These modern day tools are helping Isis spread their propaganda and ideology to thousands of online sympathisers across the world.

Indeed, the group has actively been using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to recruit new would be members. This is being done through images and the streaming of violent online viral videos filmed and professionally edited that are targeting young and impressionable people. The Internet therefore is becoming the virtual playground for extremist views to be reinforced and act as an echo chamber.

This study analysed different Facebook pages and 50 Twitter user accounts which generated over results and helped the author create a typology of seven key behaviour characteristics and motivations. Moreover, this material is coordinated and controlled by Isis as a means for publishing and sending out key messages. Within this heightened atmosphere, a hydra global insurgency from a plethora of extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, such as Isis, have emerged that all have links to an extremist narrative International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, As people continue to travel and fight with groups such as Isis, the organisation has also begun a campaign of cyber jihad, whereby they are using the Internet and social media sites to target young and impressionable people Berger, Indeed, the threat groups such as Isis pose online has meant that the UK Government are in a continuous battle to remove online extremist material.

The video, however has reappeared and was available on YouTube and to date has 4, views at the time of writing Al Hayat Media Centre, Isis tactics of using social media platforms to send out sound bites in this manner, allows them to have direct communication with a wider global audience and gives them a platform they could simply not reach if they were attempting to recruit people face-to-face Denning, These slick and well equipped videos are able to entice those vulnerable to this extremist ideology.


Shamima Begum has today lost the first stage in her appeal against the Government’s decision to revoke her British citizenship. Ms Begum’s lawyer, Daniel Furner, said his client would ‘immediately initiate an appeal’ against the decision ‘as a matter of exceptional urgency’. Jihadi bride Shamima Begum, 20, is desperate to return to Britain five years after she voluntarily left to join ISIS in Syria – her British citizenship was revoked when she was found in a refugee camp after the caliphate fell last year – she lost the first stage of her appeal today.

Judge Doron Blum, announcing the decision of the tribunal, said that the move did not breach the Home Office’s ‘extraterritorial human rights policy by exposing Ms Begum to a real risk of death or inhuman or degrading treatment’.

Women Form A Growing Threat To West In New ISIS Strategy seven years her senior whom she met through a dating site for Muslims and quickly Hansen told Kurdistan24, her husband led her into Syria, where she was.

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the full report in English. Download the Summary and Recommendations in French. Download the Summary and Recommendations in Arabic. Download the Summary and Recommendations in Kurmanji. Since then, these foreigners have been arbitrarily detained in filthy and often inhuman and life-threatening conditions by authorities in northeast Syria, with the tacit approval of the Global Coalition Against ISIS, whose members include Canada.

The detainees include at least 47 Canadians.


This article examines the cult of Isis and the use of the Isis basileion in the iconography of Nabataean Petra. Firstly, the idea that the aniconic and anthropomorphic modes of representation had some kind of opposing significance cannot be maintained, particularly in light of the sculptural arrangement of the sanctuary of Isis in the Wadi Siyyagh. I would like to first express my thanks to T. Kaizer and A.

Nefertari was the main wife of pharaoh Ramses II and her tomb with its vivid wall This watercolor copy depicts the queen (left) being led by the goddess Isis (​right). Date: ca. – B.C.. Geography: Original from Egypt, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Site Index · Terms and Conditions · Privacy Policy · Contact Information.

These are external links and will open in a new window. ISIS is now fighting on two fronts. It is making major gains in northern and western Iraq, and trying to take over a far larger portion of the rebel-held areas in Syria at the same time. Its stated goal is to create a broader Islamic caliphate, but it already faces serious challenges in Syria from the al-Nusra Front and other rebel forces, and it has not shown it can make serious gains against President Bashar al-Assad’s Hezbollah- and Iranian-backed forces.

It would threaten a key oil exporter, directly challenge Iran, and challenge the key southern Gulf states, possibly uniting states that otherwise are de facto enemies. Oil is simply too important to let ISIS seize all of Iraq, although creating any kind of unified front or rapid effective resistance to this level of ISIS gains does not seem likely.

What could be far more difficult, however, is preventing ISIS from creating at least a temporary enclave in western and northern Iraq and some parts of eastern and north-eastern Syria. Part of Syria is already a power vacuum that President Assad seems willing to let fester and contain, at least until he can control all of Syria’s major cities and the centre of the country.

It instead exploited a level of Sunni anger and resentment that has grown steadily with each act of repression and growing authoritarianism since the election. Mr Maliki’s suppression of peaceful protests, attacks on key Sunni political figures, failures to share the nation’s oil wealth, and alleged corruption all combined to recreate Sunni anger and support for armed resistance, as did the failure to hire the former Sons of Iraq – Sunni militias working with the US – and show respect for Sunni tribal leaders.

The police and army were allowed to sell positions and promotions while commanders were by-passed and Maliki loyalists given key roles. Corruption grew in the use of funds by the prime minister’s office – a prime minister that tried to be the minister of both defence and the interior while steadily manipulating the justice system. This led to rising violence and casualties in and , and a serious shift back towards civil war in , long before ISIS first attacked Falluja and Ramadi in late The US-trained force lost unity, morale, leadership, and effectiveness.

The rise of ISIS, explained in 6 minutes

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